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  • It will SAVE you a tremendeous amount of time
  • All the app-review sites, which we are using ourselves
  • A short overview for every website plus its specifics
  • Contact pages or app-submission-from URLs are included
  • All Sites include Alexa & Page Rank
  • You will be able to focus on more imporatant things than collecting the information yourself
  • The list is available in PDF and Excel format

Review sites info

Here you can find our list with app-review sites. The list is ordered by Alexa score and the most popular are on the top. Having your app reviewed by some of the big Tech Magazines would bring a lot of attention to your app as well as downloads. For best results check the tips and recommendations.

Recommendations and tips

  • If your app is not free - make sure to send a promo code.
  • Preferably, send your app to sites, which review apps similar to yours.
  • Requests for reviews receive greater attention, if your app has a beautiful landing page.
  • You can promote your app with our help.

Just do the math! If you collect the info yourself, for 10 sites only, you will have spent more money (your time is valuable) than buying our encyclopedia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: How many reviews will my app receive after I have submitted it?
    A: It depends on a couple of things - e.g. how you have constructed your review-request, how busy reviewers are and of course how compelling your app is.
  2. Q: How do I know that this list will help me and it is a good investment?
    A: We are using this list to promote clients' apps ourselves. So it is checked and includes all the necessary information. You will need an enormous amount of time to collect it yourself.
  3. Q: What if I find some discrepancy in the data in the list?
    A: Well, you most probably will. The Alexa rating is a dynamic indicator that changes daily. Also some of the sites will update their info from time to time. However, you should not worry. This is same list we are using and we keep it fresh.
  4. Q: Which platforms are supported?
    A:Currently we support iOS and Android app review sites.
  5. Q: Do you plan to support Windows phone?
    A: We have this in our to-do list, however we can not tell a specific date. There is not enough demand for Windows-phone app promotions yet.
  6. Q: My app is an Android or iOS only. Is the list suitable in that case?
    A: Yes! You can easily filter or sort by platform the Excel-list and there are suitable index-pages in the PDF version.
  7. Q: What differs the App-Review Sites Encyclopaedia from other similar lists on the web?
    A: Most of the lists you may find will include a lot of inconsistencies or just will be outdated. Moreover, in most cases they will include only links to the sites. Our list, the encyclopaedia of app-review sites, is much more comprehensive. It includes all necessary info and is organised in a way to be as helpful as possible. It is made to save you time.
  8. Q: What payment methods do you support?
    A: We support all major credit card providers - Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express®, Discover®, JCB® & PayPal™. All payments are processed via FastSpring which is a trustful "Inc.500" company
These are all the specific site-details included in the encyclopedia:

Basic info
  • Site name
  • Site URL
  • Specification - e.g. Games / iPad / Photo
  • Free Reviews - Yes/No
  • Paid Reviews - Yes/No
  • Social Network Profiles
    - Facebook & Twitter
  • Alexa
  • Page Rank
  • Contact via
    - Contact Page / Email / App-submit Page
  • Contact Page - URL *if present
  • App Submit Page - URL *if present
Paid-reviews info *if available
  • Price
  • Turn-around time
  • Additionals (*PDF only)
    e.g. share in S.Networs, Video Reviews
Advertising info *if available
  • Info Page - URL
  • Advertising Email
  • Specific offers (*PDF only)
    (extracted from the info page)

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